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The Uses of Plush in Your Home

From time immemorial we have been using fabrics to decorate and cover our furniture. Some of the most commonly used covering materials such as velvet and leather are slowly becoming outdated. They are gradually being replaced with more modern fabrics. Natural and synthetic materials are being used to make these new modern fabrics. Their cheap prices and ready availability has made these fabrics use to be on the rise. Also, with more fabrics in the market, a buyer has a wider variety to select from.

Plush is one of these modern fabrics being used all over the world. Plush made from natural materials can be made of cotton, silk ,yarn and mohair. Polyester is a synthetic material that can be used too to make plush in absence of the natural materials. Plush gets its name from its nature as it is soft and plushier than velvet. The main focus of this discussion is the different uses plush has in your home.

Plush has been used widely in the making of furniture. Making of covers and padding for furniture like couches is one of the most common use of plush today. The tenderness and versatility of plush materials has seen them penetrate the market and replace other commonly used materials like leather and velvet. Due to their availability in different colors, plush covers and other products can be selected to rhyme with the indoor d?cor of the house. Color differences in the materials ensure that a homeowner can select covers for his furniture depending on his color taste and preferences.

Next, plush can be used to make toys. Among the most notable use of plush in toy and plaything making is in the manufacture of stuffed toys like teddy bears. The ability of plush to be shaped into different forms and sizes is an advantage that adds to its tenderness making it a great material for use in the manufacture of teddy bears and stuffed toys. Plush-made products also do not shrink as rapidly as other products made of different staffing and padding materials.

The versatility of plush is noticed in its entry into the carpet-making industry. Local suppliers and household items shops have now started retailing plush carpets. Just as the name plush suggests, these carpets are very classy and luxurious. Owing to the fact that these carpets are available in so many different colors, you will also be able to find a carpet whose color is harmonious to that of your home d?cor. Plush carpets are also very easy to clean and this is an added advantage to the buyer. Cleaning of carpets is one of the things that gives carpet owners a headache most of the times. The plush carpet cleaning process only requires you to use a wet piece of cloth or a brush on the stained part.

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