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The Advantages Of Using The Electric Cigarette

It is important to note that many people all over the world are aware of the harmful effect that active smoking have towards the health of an individual using the tobacco. Some of the smokers have been struggling a lot to quit the active smoking in vain. Some manufacturers have been concerned, and they have introduced the nicotine gums and patches that help individuals who are trying to quit smoking. The gums and patches have been used by addicts to end the habit with many of them reporting positive results while others are stuck in their smoking activity.

The manufactures have made a breakthrough in helping the addicts to stop smoking by introducing the e-cigarette in the market. The design for the electric cigarette is just the same as the traditional cigarette the only difference being it does not have the carcinogen found in the tobacco. When you are using this cigarette, you will be taking in the nicotine vapor which takes after regular smoke but it does not have the carcinogen that is found in the tobacco. When you are using the nicotine vapor, you will be no threat to people around you, and your health will not be affected.

The cigarette comes with nicotine cartridges that are filled with nicotine liquid. A small battery that uses the atomizer turns a small portion of the nicotine liquid into vapor when one inhales the cigarette. When you are using the e-cigarette filled with the nicotine liquid, you will have an instant hit as compared to when chewing the patches or nicotine gums which offers the hit after several minutes. A small LCD screen on the e-cigarette glows the same way as a normal cigarette when a person inhales from the electric cigarette.

If you are an addict in smoking, it is important to choose the right electronic cigarette in terms of strength of the cartridges. The cartridges are in the form of full strength, medium strength, and the minimal strengths. When you are struggling to quit the active smoking, you can decide to use the full-strength cartridges, and when you are used to it, you will start going down to inhaling the e-cigarette with mediums strengths until you can stay for a day without using any cigarette.

Chewing the gums and the patches are useful in fighting the smoking, but the method is not efficient enough as many smokers will still want to inhale the smoke. With the use of E-cigarette, you will not miss smoking as the electric cigarette allows you to inhale the nicotine vapor that the look the same way when you could have inhaled the smoke from tobacco.

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